UTCCF Winter Retreat 2017

Hi there! 
We are the UT Chinese Christian Fellowship.

We're a group of friends at the University of Toronto St. George Campus who are interested in pursuing Jesus Christ and learning more about Him through Bible study and fellowship. Check out our vision for the year.

Our Ministries


Freezer is a place that seeks to provide a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for newcomers and first years to get to know each other and investigate the Christian faith together. Through a range of activities that include Bible studies, the annual first years vs. upper years dodgeball competition, and guys and girls nights, we hope to create a supportive community where long lasting relationships can be built. So come out and chill with us! We can't wait to meet all of you this coming school year and we hope that Freezer will help you find your place in the CCF family!

Men's Group

Men’s Ministry fosters a space where the males of the fellowship can share in the struggles that they face throughout their lives. It is a vulnerable environment where pride is replaced with humility, and judgment with empathy. From the external pressures to the internal desires, Men’s ministry aims to shoulder the burdens that each individual is subject to. Through a delicate blend of hard-hitting prompts and thought-provoking activities, issues and questions will be addressed through a God-forward context.

Women's Group

The identity of Christian has taken many forms through the history of the church, each identity aiming at preserving the core tenants of Christ in respect to the context of time. As such, our experience as Christian women in the modern day is a niche and distinct path that is yet to be explored. This year, alongside Men’s ministry, Women’s ministry will look at what it means to be a Christian woman in an increasingly liberal society and how to keep Christ at the center of our values and actions. A space created and carved out for uncomfortable discussions previously marked as taboo, such as sex, abortion and careers, Women’s ministry aims to be a space to challenge the women of UTCCF in their identity as Christian women, and to look at different areas of functioning in a non-religious space through the lens of Christ, and to strengthen their understanding of how the Christian faith looks in our everyday lives.


Worship ministry aims to bring glory to God by exploring how and why we worship Him. This year, we desire to focus primarily on knowing God through learning how to live lives of worship, whether it be through music, prayer, or sharing. We hope that worship min can be a place of transparency and comfort, where people can come find rest and joy in Christ.


Sports ministry provides a space for the members of CCF to engage with a smaller community where we can fellowship and grow through playing sports. By focusing on the themes of rest and unity, we want to encourage everyone to take a break from academics and focus on maintaining healthy lifestyles. It is our hope to have everyone come to appreciate as well as utilize the body and gifts that God has given us. We are also striving to make it more welcoming by incorporating more inclusive activities that everyone is able to participate in.


Prayer ministry seeks to depend on the Word and the Spirit to offer sincere prayers to God and with one another. We pray for God to reveal himself and his love in our lives. God has given us the gift of prayer. Come to prayer ministry and we can explore that together!


Hospitality Ministry’s goal is to build up and foster a warm, welcoming community who love and serve one another just as Christ did for us. In this upcoming year, we plan to implement this objective through collaborating IGs, organizing a system to welcome newcomers, and leading activities during large group to create tighter connections within the fellowship.


VitaMin is an interest group that looks to extend the bible studies that take place during large group in order to strengthen our faith and become more like Jesus. By creating an open environment to focus and freely discuss the manuscripts, we hope to cultivate a desire to grow closer to God and build a passion for studying the bible. VitaMin will be a SUPPLEMENT to your CCF experience and increase your DAILY DOSAGE of the Bread.

If you'd like to get in touch with any of our ministry leaders, send us an email at hello@utccf.com and we'll put you in touch with the right person.

The Leadership

The UTCCF executive committee is a group of CCF'ers who have volunteered their time and effort to serve the fellowship. They work closely with the small group and ministry leaders, and coordinate and provide direction for UTCCF. The committee is elected annually after a thorough self-reflection and visioning process, set out in detail in our [ constitution ].

Although the committee is responsible for coordinating the fellowship, the whole CCF community is involved in running UTCCF.

Here's a little introduction to this year's committee:

Jack Han

Jack Han (aka Hack Jan) is a fourth-year mechanical engineering student and self-proclaimed FIFA champion. As the chair, he is charged with overseeing the general affairs of the fellowship. Jack is also the meme captain, responsible for all kind of memes, funny or not… His PEY status, knowledge of memes, and love of all things sports will surely point our fellowship to Christ. He is a tenacious and attractive individual who looks forward to what this year will bring. What a time to be alive!

Emmanuel Tsang

Emmanuel Tsang – Master’s degree in edgy jokes, PhD in dank memes. In reality, he’s a 5th year architecture student, serving as Vice-Chair for CCF. This sophisticated fellow is your go-to guy for when you’re feeling down in the dumps. While being a bona fide brother of God, he is also incredibly warm-hearted and easy to talk to. You may also find Eman on the court, playing video games, or injecting Japanese words into conversations.

Andrew Lam

Living on a diet consisting only of sau baos, store bought milk tea and boxed smoothies/juices, Andrew, of the Mechanical Engineering profession, continuously defies the laws of human health in refusing to consume any liquid that does not contain some sort of flavoring. Perhaps it is the amount of sugar that he consumes that allows him to power through every major worship instrument under the sun, including the left hand guitar. A perfect day for Andrew may or may not include uninterrupted hours of Overwatch, lobster, and Kekou. (in other news, if you want to get on good side of Andrew, Kekou is the way)

Mike Yan

One of our very finest from Markham, Mike "AYY-LMAO" Yan is this year's Men’s Devotional Leader. As a 4th year marketing student in Rotman, you can always find him with his hair and outfit on FLEEK. But don't let that intimidate you, he's a down to earth fellow. As king of "Scarbs Lingo", he can educate you on all the current raging catch phrases to keep you staying fresh and fly! He's gotchu FAM!! Also a movie & TV show connoisseur, Mike's the guy to hit up when you're looking to start a new show but don't know where to begin. Whether it be fun filled banter or serious real talks, he'll treat you as fam and embrace you with a warm 'aayyy lmao'.

Kristen Mei

Kristen Mei is a 4th year studying Urban Studies + Environmental Studies and she is this year’s Social Coordinator. You can always find her repping her OG-homie Boston roots, as well as playing softball, even when she’s supposed to be studying. Kristen’s always full of giggles and will never fail to make you smile. Oh and most importantly, she’s probably the punniest person you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting!

Grace Chong

Grace is a 3rd year studying a variety of "tings" and is a part-time professional dog photographer. Once in a while, she chooses to sit in the corner of rooms to sink fear in people's hearts with her silence. However, she isn't always like this. If you want to fetch a smile and have her like you, tell her you have a dog and that you are an avid eater of cinnamon rolls. As you can tell, Grace is a super exciting and lovely person to be around, and is the honored Outreach Coordinator and honorary photographer of the Party Planning Committee.

Avis Lee

Avis “Avia” Lee is a Rotman Commerce 4th year, reputable herbivore, Zumba practitioner, American-Canadian. Lover of animals, du café, and of Jesus. Our superstar Secretary Treasurer, she ensures we have enough change on hand so our wildest dreams for the fellowship can come true. UTCCF can breathe easy with Avis running the administration, and her mean accounting skills keep our balance sheets from running red. Though quiet on the outside, she is a lot crazier when you get to know her. Logistical headaches and half-literate baristas are problems she knows all too well. But with a fearless trust in God, she can always shake it off when frustrations come her way. Slay, girl, slay.

Contact Us

We'd love to talk to you. Join our Facebook group or shoot us an email. We also hold office hours every week, at our clubhouse office.

Our Details

Location & Time
CCF meets every Friday at 5:30pm at KP108!

Office Hours

If you ever need a chat or want some company, come visit us at the CCF office during our office hours! The UTCCF office is located at 411-21 Sussex Ave., right behind Robarts library.

Office Hours: Thursdays 12-2pm